June 2015

Matter of Time/ Marco Polo Art Ambassador title

Happy to tell that Dr. Francesco Saverio Russo nominated me for a title Marco Polo Art Ambassador to be awarded in Venice this September (which coincides with my birthday and Venice Art Biennale) for the painting Matter of Time which i have finished last week.
Matter of Time can be seen as related to Eve’s Expulsion from Eden due to presence of imaginary landscape, first being, if one studies it closely, of phallic nature (inspired by DaVincis Virgin of the Rocks), and second – having integrated shape of Mandorla, an ancient symbol of woman.
The female figure, representing the spirit of nature, is holding an hourglass, resembling in its turn with it’s shape a female figure. It is a meditation on limitation of both female and Earth time, which with enough force can be turned upside down to restart the flow of sand in the hourglass. The flow of organza fabric and the flow of waterfall represent the same – time.
As i mentioned before, the motifs for paintings come to me suddenly, mostly on the moment of waking up from sleep, as a ready painting, so that i do not have to work on composition etc Later on i often stumble upon works of artists dear to me who had rendered the same subject, without me knowing it in advance or deliberately making a pastiche. It makes me feel as truly belonging to tradition, invisible and existing in the realm of subconscious rather than gained through physical advancement. In this case i discovered an unknown painting by my big inspiration Pietro Annigoni entitled “Allegory of Time”.
The model is linguist and artist Topaz Pauls.

Natascha Kimstach: Matter of Time


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