June 2016

Newtonian telescope

Sir Isaac Newton by Godfrey Kneller

Recently, in one of my revelationary trances, i had to check some data. Here are some interrsting calculations i came up with.

The year 1322bc saw a comet landing in Britain, whos impact on Scotland was so noticeable it was recorded in pictish stones, and in cave drawings in Wemys Cave near Kircaldy. It is often depicted as a twin comet, and is rumoured to thus symbolise a twin indoeuropean deity, or others say Ishtar or Venus.

If one takes the amount of years between now, 2016, with huge anticipstion of Nibiru, and this day and divides by two it gives number 1665, pointing to year when Sir Isaac Newton was personally appointed by court to watch over a Red Comet which was omenous for Plague of London.

Further. The amount of years between 2016, 1665 and 1322 would give 3338 years, which is approximate amount of years between creation and foundation of First Temple of Solomon, set to be between 832 and 997 bc, but more exactly number 666, as the amount of years after creation of world.

The year the interval is pointing to is 347ad, while year 365 is mentioned in regards of huge earthquake which altered much of shoreline of mediterranean.

Is the Nibiru to be expected? Are we to buy Newtonian telescopes to watch?

Botticellis Divine Comedy: Trick or treat?

This spring saw epochal exhibition in Somerset House of treasures from auctioned in early decades of last century collection of 13th Duke Douglas-Hamilton. The family, one of scottish oldest, has a haunted history. Known from Black Douglas featured in scoolbooks as Robert Bruce opponent, at the same time another Douglas, whos job was to carry around enbalmed and encapsuled in gold Robert Bruce head as talisman for battle victories, accompanying Sinclair known from notorious Dan Brown fiction in crucade to Jerusalem upon which sharing the legendary Templar treasures, 13th Duke was a charitable person. It was going bad for family for some generations. With arrival of electicity the bills were just tooo huge for a non-working person, although the family had stakes in newly fashionable aviation. WWI saw the estate used for hospital, then sold, then demolished. Yes, the beautiful 16c paladian mansion, upgrafed and enlarged in stages to become one of the biggest estate houses in Britain, is now grounds of parking lot and sports field, except for Mausoleum in Hamilton village.
Now to Botticelli, known as one of first Grand Masters of Sion from Sauniere files. Duke of Hamilton owned a sequence of drawings, chapter by chapter, the same way as Gustave Dore illustrating Dante.
Not only that. According to the legend, Botticelli had framed the drawings in a special way. Drawn on half transparent, almost rice paper, he layered handwritten text underneath, halfseen through the drawing. Which is how Duke of Hamilton re-framed it later, to be exhibited in Somerset collection.
Subtle effect of heavenly beauty.
Why does is mimick my grandfathers silkscreen, which unveiled a level of handwritten poetry after upper silkdrawing of ravens was taken off by me to be frsmed separately? IMG_20160606_184504


Another question: why is Botticelli so profound judging by exhibition, not mentioned in my Silverpoint and Goldenpoint all-embracing anthology, apart from one single piece, where he is mentioned in collaboration with Lippi? IMG_20160606_184726 IMG_20160606_184707
We all have a seen a Boticelli coloured chart of hell in Dantes house in Florence. Why is it so different in style?
My good old friend, granddaughter of Duke of Hamilton, has mentioned that her daughter, my former best friend, graduate of Edinburgh Art College with history of burlesque and methadon, is dating Banksy, who happens to be son of Jenners former owner.

But who is Banksy? Can she be sure he is who he says he is? Or is it a hoax from her?

Is Botticelli exhibition, so subtle and so advanced, a hoax grom Banksy, commisioned to draw to a japanese anime artist?

In modern times it is upto a true connoisseur and true heartfelt artlover to figure it out. IMG_20160606_190501 IMG_20160606_190656

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