August 2016

Channel the Spirits, on Georgiana Houghton in Courtauld Gallery

As some migt know, i had started my artistic career by channeling dead artists. When i was taking the very frist class, untutored, i was getting tuition from a spirit of pre-raphaelites. It is very good solution for chosen sensitive souls when quality tuition is not available.
With people who paint by channeling, their expectation and the result often differ, the works being mostly abstract or some other way different from the hand of the artist they are channeling. In my case i used too bright colours. I also hesitated with putting in the pupils of eyes, as if the information was coming from there. Nevertheless, i am very proud of it, as it is first, completely untutored experiment of mature person who was never taught before, guided in advice by departed John Everett Milais, with only model and artist supervisor present.
Portrait in studio, 2010

Another famous person who was painting guided by spirits is Aleister Crowley. He depicted the spirits themselves, aliens, and painted esoteric frescos on walls of OTO mansion in Sicily.

Portrait of Aleister Crowley in National Portrait Gallery, London

This summer Courtauld gallery of Somerset House saw exhibition of Georgiana Houghton: Spirit Drawings, who created a series of spirit guided abstract pieces in 1860s-70s. Starting from spirit of her uncle, she moved to deeper realization of Godhead-trinity. The drawings are very musical, and we know that many music pieces, from masonic to Paul mcCartney’s Yesterday, are being dictated by spirits or come in sleep as well.

Most of my own paintings’ motifs still come in sleep on the moment of awakeing, so that i can rememebr them and carry through execution, although studying the technique too thoroughly in the analytical atelier method does make the thin and gentle bond with spirit world weaker.

Spirit photos from book, part of Georgiana Houghton display



All three by Georgiana Houghton

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