September 2017

The riddle of Menzies Clan: Magdalene legacy

Family crest of Clan Menzies on Mausoleum in Weem

This evening i had one of my revelatory trances when i had to process lots of linguistic information.
A visit to little Perthshire village called Weem, archaic for Womb, would not allow it to leave it. The village is the heritage territory of clan Menzies, rumoured to have been family of mother of Pontius Pilate (father being a roman officer) and according to long lost friend Barry Dunford claiming bloodline of Mary Magdalene primarily, rather than Sinclairs or Stuarts known for DaVinci Code.
Here are my results.
Magdala or Magdalena means a person from Magda or Magadan, also spelled Mageddon. Yes, same word root as in “Armageddon”, where Ar (hebrew Har means mountain). Not widely known, but term Armageddon is mentioned in Bible only once, and only in Revelations, which is not part of Old or New Testament, but a later addition.
According to hebrew scholar Abraim.publications, proper hebrew name is thus Har Megiddo, referring to Canannite town of Megiddo or Megiddon, of which prefix Me- the scholar omits, and root Giddo he traces to name of Tribe of Gad, translated as “fortune”.
Here is what i came up with. Gaelic is rumored by locals to be a form of semitic, which any linguist would put to laughter, but me, having lived in Scotland for five years, seeing how many, coincidential might be, phonetic similarities words have, would not deny it alltogether.
Gaelic for Misfortune is Mì-àgh, where iagh is root for “fortune” and mi is negation, possibly linked to latin mal (malady, malnutrition).
Hebrew scholar Abraim omits explanation of prefix in Me-giddo, could it thus be not just “fortune”, but Mis-fortune, an event we traditionally see as Armageddon?
Here is what i further came up with. Family crest of clan Menzies comprizes two letters M, could be just initials for Menzies, but why twice? Mary Magdalene initials? The name of clan did not let me go and i had a revelation: Menasseh. Menzies derives from Menasseh, lost brother half-tribe comprising together with Tribe of Ephrahim the House of Joseph. Surprise:wiki quotes Talmud depiction of the flag of the Tribe, being that of black background with A UNICORN on it.
By coincidence i looked at a map of ancient Israel and had a shock: Megiddo is historically situated on the territory of Tribe of Menasseh.

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