Emanuel Swedenborg Apocalypse

Trapezie Francais as part of EvolVe (LoveOlve) etchings of 1. A Vole (anagram of love) 2. Trapezie Francis 3. Charming The Snake 4. Tree of life 5. Knowledge

Walpürgenacht or Baltaine i was celebrating along in Sundail Sawn Lake park, under moon, having Wormood tincture, balancing myself standing naked on a Trapezie meaning to represent broomtick, got arrested as it is not allowed under Corona quarantine and am now under hospital observation writing this.
In a moonbathing trance i fould out my name was not Natasha Kimstatsch but Ophelia Arthur, born February 1,1932, which was what i told police making main grounds for arrest.
Nevertheless i was not making up a performance, i actually saw imagery from German wartime closures when people would have stay home after dark, just as now.
Next morning the date started to fascinate me as i did not know how i came up with it. Right before picnick i was Reading the story of egyptian Gods Nuit and Geb, sister and brother, how Toth put a ban on them having children, so they after complain to Set added 5 extra days to a yearly calendar making them out of gathered moonlight, which is what i was doing this Beltaine evening.
Gemantric 01.02.1932 makes 20 or 4 if one takes 19 as 1.
Between this date, 01.02.1932 and my passport date of Birth 20.09.1972 is 36years and 33days which comprise 13.140 days. If we divide it by 5, number of added by Set for Nuits pleasure days, it makes 2.683years.
Between years 2020 and 2683 are 663 years,
From today, year 2020 back in time 663 years it will take us to year 1357.
It was year of franco-german wars, plague, but mainly the year Emanuel Swedenborg one of my bedt-read spiritual authors puts in calendar as year of Judgement Day according to Emanuel Swedenborg.